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How to Make Breast Implant Rice Sizers

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Breast Implant Rice SizersDeciding which size of breast implant to get during your breast augmentation procedure is just as significant as deciding to have a breast augmentation. If you are like most women, the decision on which size of implant to get can be frustrating, time consuming and even confusing. At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center we offer several tools to help in determining the size of your breast implant, including our Vectra 3D breast implant simulation photos and actual breast implants to try on.

For women who are still contemplating more than one size of implant, we recommend making your own breast implant sizers using rice. This allows you to wear the sizers at home to determine which breast implant size feels the most comfortable for you. This will also allow you to try on the different sizes at home to get a feeling for how your new breasts will look in your various tops. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own breast implant sizers.

Rice implant sizers are a convenient at-home option that allows you to get a feel for your recommended breast implant sizes. To make the sizers you will need:

  • Pantyhose or knee –high hose
  • Measuring cups
  • Dry rice and
  • Scissors.

If you are using pantyhose, cut of the leg of each hose about half way. This will allow you plenty of room for adding the rice. Stretch out each panty hose to make it easier to insert the dry rice.

Next you will measure out the rice. Fill the measuring cup as closely to the top as possible to ensure that your final fill volume will be as close to the actual breast implant fill size as possible.

When measuring out the dry rice:

  • 1 cup is equal to 250 cc
  • ½ cup is equal to 125 cc and
  • ¼ cup is equal to 75 cc

When you are finished filling the panty hose, compress the rice into the bottom of the hose to achieve a defined, spherical shape. You will then tie off the panty hose in a secure knot directly above the rice filling and can cut off the remaining tail of the panty hose. The rice implant sizers can be worn in a sports bra beneath various tops to achieve an understand of how a specific implant size will look and feel on your body.


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