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Décolleté Rejuvenation

Denver, Colorado

If you are considering, or have already had, a breast enhancement procedure, you may want to consider a total rejuvenation of the décolleté, the skin on the neck and chest area. Sun exposure, aging and acne breakouts can leave the décolleté with hyperpigmentation, sun spots or wrinkles and scarring.

We offer wonderful décolleté rejuvenation packages that utilize both topical and laser therapies to treat the discoloration, crêpiness (wrinkled appearance due to loss of collagen), and coarse texture of the skin of the décolleté that occurs as a result of sun exposure and normal aging.

The Obagi ® Elastiderm™ Décolletage system employs the highest quality of prescription-strength, and medical-grade ingredients to help lift and erase sun spots and freckles and rebuild the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, which increase the skin’s strength, tone, and firmness.

Additionally, our fractionated CO2 laser is able to further, and more profoundly, rejuvenate this delicate skin by removing the superficial damage of discoloration and penetrating into the skin’s deeper layers to powerfully rebuild collagen and elastin, leaving the décolleté looking years younger. Generally 2 to 3 treatments of our fractionated CO2 laser will generally be enough to rejuvenate the chest area.

For younger women or those who suffer from acne on the décolleté  area, our Aesthetician can organize a customized skin care routine to treat the affected area.

To determine the treatment program that will offer you a smooth, firm, and beautiful décolleté, contact our office and ask to schedule a consultation with our Aesthetician.

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