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While it is physically harmless, cellulite can be a very emotionally distressing occurrence that can impact one’s personal and professional confidence. By its nature, cellulite can also affect as many as 90 percent of all women, who are likely to experience it no matter their skin tone or skin type, their size, shape, or weight.

The orange peel or cottage-cheese-like appearance on the surface of the skin is indiscriminate and unsightly and it most often appears on areas like the buttocks, thighs, and upper arms, detracting from a woman’s natural beauty in these often sensitive and sensual areas.

Treatments for cellulite have ranged from topical lotions with minimal effectiveness, to minimally invasive procedures such as Cellfina. But never before has there been an injectable to treat cellulite, until now.

That’s where Qwo comes in. And it is an FDA-approved, just-released game-changer in the cellulite treatment space that we are pleased to be able to provide to our patients seeking cellulite correction in the Denver area.

What is Qwo?

Qwo is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Qwo is composed of naturally occurring enzymes that break down the fibrous subdermal tissue that causes cellulite to appear on the surface of the skin.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and physiological factors that vary from person to person. But there are three things that all cellulite appears to have in common, which Qwo addresses in order to, quite literally, treat cellulite at its roots.

If we look beneath the surface of the skin in areas affected by cellulite, we see a series of fibrous bands of connective tissue that tether the skin to the underlying muscle. As fatty tissue continues to accumulate, these fibrous bands remain in place and act to pull the skin downward.

Components of cellulite

Therefore we get:

  • Fibrous septae tether the skin, giving us the dimples and valleys of cellulite.
  • Fatty tissue herniates upward between the fibrous septae, giving us the peaks and hills of cellulite.
  • The strength and thickness of the skin surface itself are also impacted by cellulite, causing both the peaks and valleys to appear more prominently.

How does Qwo work?

The fibrous connective bands of tissue that cause cellulite are a certain type of tissue called collagen types I and III. If we can address that tissue and dissolve the fibrous bands, the skin returns to its smooth and youthful texture. The naturally occurring enzymes in Qwo do exactly that. Instead of requiring blades beneath the surface of the skin to manually cut these fibrous bands, Qwo injection dissolves them naturally.

QWO Denver

Benefits of Qwo

  • Improves the appearance of cellulite
  • Nonsurgical minimally-invasive treatment
  • Results typically seen within 28 days of treatment
  • First and only FDA-approved cellulite treatment injectable
  • No recovery or downtime required
  • Side effects are self-resolving

Am I a candidate for Qwo?

Most adult women with cellulite will benefit from treatment with Qwo. Qwo is best suited to treating dimple-like cellulite in patients with good skin elasticity. If you stand with your gluteus muscles relaxed and look at your buttocks in the mirror and see dimples from cellulite, you are very likely a candidate for treatment. Qwo is a prescription medication so full candidacy is determined in our office.

What to expect in treatment

Qwo is administered in a series of fairly pain-free injections right here in our office. Three (3) treatment sessions are required and each is done 21 days apart. At your first treatment session, a personal consultation will be done and pre-op photographs will be taken so that we have a baseline against which we’re treating your cellulite dimples, and so that both patient and provider can see results as the series of treatments is done. Sessions typically last 10-15 minutes, with the patient lying prone on a comfortable treatment table.

Downtime and recovery

Qwo requires no downtime or recovery, but it will cause bruising and mild injection-site discomfort. Side effects disappear on their own within 7 to 21 days and at each subsequent treatment session, the side effects tend to get less severe and to resolve more rapidly.

QWO Denver

If you are considering cosmetic surgery to improve your physical appearance and self image, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich.

Dedicated to your comfort from your first visit to your final follow-up, the surgeon and staff of Colorado Plastic Surgery Center will always treat you with kindness and caring.

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