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Preview Your “After” Results Before Your Plastic Surgery

Have you been considering plastic surgery, but still haven’t scheduled your procedure, or maybe even your consultation, because you are uncertain what the results would look like on you? Thanks to Colorado Plastic Surgery Center’s 3D technology you can now view a plastic surgery simulation of how you will look following a cosmetic surgery procedure.

With the advancements in simulation and photographic technology it is now possible for you to view potential results you may achieve with plastic surgery. During your consultation, you will have the option of participating in the photo simulation. Our innovative photography system will capture a series of images during a photo session to create a 180-degree, three-dimensional virtual model of your face or body.

Understand Your Options

Using the 3D model, Dr. Slenkovich will map your anatomy and then virtually alter your image to help you visualize your cosmetic surgery options. You will also be able to compare your existing appearance with the simulated changes from multiple angles to get a complete understanding of your expected surgical results.

3D Simulation

The simulation software allows for viewing possible outcomes for various procedures, including:

Breast Augmentation

The innovative sculpting software will allow you to virtually experiment with different sizes and types of breasts implants. Because the software is programmed with our breast implant manufacture’s specifications, you are able to virtually “try on” the exact size and style of implant that would be placed during your breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Lift

Maybe you have experienced sagging or deflation in your breasts as a result of time, breast feeding, pregnancy or weight fluctuation. Using the simulation technology, Dr. Slenkovich can visually demonstrate your options and expected results of a breast lift – with and without an implant.


Maybe you feel your nose is too large for your face, or maybe you’ve always been uncomfortable with a prominent bump in the bridge of your nose. Using the 3D imaging, Dr. Slenkovich is able to help you understand the options available to you through cosmetic surgery techniques to create a look you’re comfortable with and take the guesswork out of anticipating your rhinoplasty results.

Based on the results you desire, the 3D simulation provides a basis for your customized surgical plan tailored to your specific anatomy and goals. The simulation technology provides you with piece of mind and confidence in your decision to undergo plastic surgery.

3D Simulation

If you are considering plastic surgery and would like to see the possible results of having a procedure, contact us to schedule a 3D simulation consultation. All consultations appointments are schedule at our Littleton office location.

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