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Create a Positive Impact

Our culture and values are people-centered. We work to consistently and demonstrably improve the lives of our patients, fellow employees, families, and community.

We consciously grow the community of lives we positively impact.

Be a Good Human

For us, character is the core of success and happiness. Character, caring and integrity count. Everyone has different backgrounds, and perspectives, but there is a basic, universal standard of right and wrong. Don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t use or abuse others.

Even when no one is looking, we pick up the dog litter and return the shopping cart.

Excellence is Essential

Good is not good enough. Excellence as professionals is the minimum standard in our work, and we strive for excellence in ourselves and in our personal lives as well. We will always push ourselves to go beyond to achieve excellence.

We commit ourselves to any preparation, focus and effort needed to reach excellence.

Embrace your Self-Improvement Journey

We are always learning and will be undeniably better tomorrow than today. We believe that if you think you know everything, you can’t learn anything, and you can’t improve. And if you can’t improve, you are doomed to stagnation and eventual extinction. Always pursue more knowledge and experience.

Lifetime students become masters of excellence, success, and happiness.

Enjoy the Journey

We show up with a smile and a winning attitude. And when we don’t (we are human), we work to make amends. Some days will suck, and these days make the journey real and they make the rest worth celebrating. We see the value in ourselves and others, as well as our imperfections, and embrace this as part of the journey.

The Journey IS the destination.

Problems are an Opportunity

Problems and mistakes make us better. The easy ones are easy, but the challenging patients, the challenging projects, the challenging personal relationships — these are the times where we need to pay special attention, now, and we will learn the most. The hard ones make us better.

Embrace problems with curiosity for how you will get better.

Our Business is The Team

Our team is committed to Excellent Communication, Respect, Appreciation, and Support. We help and support others, especially when we aren’t expected to do so, without the expectation of direct recognition or reward. It’s the opposite of “I’m doing my job and that’s enough."

We only win with the team, not by ourselves.

The Little Things

The real purpose of our work is to serve our team and patients. We remain actively aware of "the little things" we see every day that may detract from this and we commit to addressing them so that we may be our best selves in focusing on our real purpose.

Safety, quality, and true service are possible only with a commitment to improving our systems.


We build trust and loyalty by seeking to learn about the needs others have at any given moment. And we put others first by serving to the extreme in ways that go above and beyond. For co-workers, patients, vendors, our family, and community, we give of ourselves offering any resource of ourselves to help others.

Live by the Law of Reciprocity: The maximum you will receive is limited only by the amount you give.
Core Values

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