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For women, after age 20 the fat gradually takes over what used to be glandular matter in the breasts. This can cause the breasts to appearing deflated.

Deflated and sagging breasts following significant weight loss can be addressed in one of several different ways.

With both men and women, losing large amounts of weight can result in saggy breasts. When a person loses weight the fat tissue in the breasts decreases. The skin stays as large as it was when the person weighed more, but the fat that used to fill up the skin is now gone. The result is often sagging breasts.

Breast Contouring For Women

For women, breast implants can be used to fill up the space where fat used to be. For some women having breast augmentation surgery is all that’s necessary.

Often, however, either along with or instead of breast implants — or for women who do not need or want breast implants — Dr. Slenkovich recommends one of the following breast lift procedures:

If the breasts don’t sag too severely, Dr. Slenkovich can perform a circumareolar breast lift procedure. This requires only an incision around the areola.

Breast Contouring, Colorado Plastic Surgery

If the breasts sag a moderate amount Dr. Slenkovich can add to the circumareolar procedure an incision from the areola to the base of the breast for a more substantial breast lift that will heighten the nipple location and provide a youthful, perky appearance.

If the breasts sag severely (“ptotic breasts”) Dr. Slenkovich normally recommends an anchor-type incision in addition to the above techniques to best achieve the appearance you desire with your breast enhancement following your weight loss.

Which surgery is most appropriate depends on how much sagging, as well as the amount of extra skin there is with the breasts. For additional information call us or send us a confidential e-mail to schedule a breast surgery consultation today.

Chest Contouring For Men

For men, sometimes liposuction will be all that is necessary. Three to six months after the liposuction, depending on the results, any additional loose skin can be surgically removed. After a few months the skin sometimes shrinks, rendering any more plastic surgery unnecessary. An exciting procedure Dr. Slenkovich performs for some men involves removing excess skin from both the breast area and the upper arms (brachioplasty) at the same time. The resulting scar is then confined to the armpit. This is great option for men who have hair on their chests and don’t want a scar on the chest area.

Breast Contouring, Colorado Plastic Surgery
Breast Contouring, Colorado Plastic Surgery

Please explore our site for more information about the specific procedure you’re interested in, and please view our before and after photos. You also read about our patients’ experience and their testimonials. Then contact us to schedule a consultation to learn about what breast surgery options are best for you.

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