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Over 300,000 women undergoing breast augmentation surgery every year to achieve their goal of having fuller breasts. The vast majority of these women will remain happy with their new breasts, however some women will consider breast implant revision surgery at some point in time after their breast augmentation. If you are experiencing dissatisfaction in the aesthetic appearance of your breasts or a complication with your breast implants, Dr. Slenkovich can help you achieve the attractive, natural looking results you desire with breast implant revision surgery.

There are several reasons why you may desire breast implant revision or replacement surgery, including:

Breast Implant Revision Surgery, Colorado Plastic Surgery

Breast Asymmetry

Your breasts are not identical in size, shape or dimensions. As such it is normal to experience some minor asymmetry before and after your breast augmentation. However, if you are experiencing significant or severe asymmetry, this can typically be corrected with a revision breast augmentation to provide a balanced, complementary appearance.

Deflation or Rupture of Breast Implant

Breast implants are a man-made medical device that can wear down overtime. This can cause the implant to rupture or leak, and eventually deflate in the case of saline implants. During a breast implant replacement surgery your deflated saline implant can be replaced with another saline implant of a similar size and shape, or you may chose to remove both saline breast implants and replace them with silicone gel implants. Learn more about the differences between saline and silicone breast implants.

Changes in Breast Appearance Over Time

Gravity, weight-loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or the body’s natural aging process can cause your breast implants to droop changing the appearance of your breast augmentation results over time. A breast implant revision with a breast lift may be an option to revitalize the appearance of your breasts.

Change Implant Size

This is the most common reason women seek revision surgery. Frequently we hear patients express their wishes that they had chosen a larger implant for their breast augmentation. A revision breast augmentation allows you to choose a larger, or even smaller, implant to replace your existing implants to give you the optimal size that you desire.

Change Type of Implant

In 2006, the FDA approved the cohesive silicone gel breast implants for cosmetic use. If your initial breast augmentation was done before these implants were available you may chose to replace your current saline breast implants with silicone gel. If you experience rippling or implant visibility as a result of your saline implants, you may also be a candidate for a breast implant revision surgery to replace you saline implants with silicone gel.

Capsular Contracture

Following the placement of your breast implants, your body forms scar tissue around the implant as part of its reaction to a foreign device and natural healing process. In some infrequent cases this scar tissue, or capsule, may tighten or constrict the implant causing the breast to become tight, hard and unnatural in shape or position. A revision breast surgery is performed to excise the capsule from the implant to restore a more natural, pleasing appearance.

Implant Displacement

In rare cases, the breast implant may shift from its original pocket position dropping lower, or “bottoming out”, causing the nipples to be positioned abnormally high on the breasts. This may happen during the first few months or even several years after your breast augmentation. Revision surgery can be done to re-position the implants into an appropriate place to provide natural look.

Revision breast augmentation surgery can be more complex than the original procedure and there may be surgical limitations depending on your reason for seeking a breast implant revision surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Slenkovich will evaluate your concerns, discuss your goals and recommend one or more options to restore an attractive breast appearance.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery, Colorado Plastic Surgery

If you are considering a breast augmentation revision surgery to replace your existing breast implants or correct a cosmetic issue with your breasts, contact us to schedule a consultation with Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Nick Slenkovich today.

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