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After losing a large amount of weight as a result of stringent diet and exercise regimen or weight loss surgery, most patients are happy to observe the excess pounds rapidly melting away. However, some of them also notice unwelcome side effects of massive weight loss, such as excess skin on the abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. In addition, the face might appear older as it loses some of its youthful plumpness. While troublesome, these aesthetic problems can be resolved through advanced post weight loss plastic surgery procedures.

Face and Neck Lift

After Massive Weight Loss

Face and neck lifts are very popular procedures among formerly obese patients. When you lose a significant amount of weight, the facial area that was once full loses volume and the facial skin becomes deflated and droopy. Face and neck lift procedures after weight loss can eliminate excess skin from the neck area and tighten the facial muscles and skin, creating a beautifully rejuvenated facial profile. As a highly experienced Denver face lift specialist, Dr. Slenkovich has helped numerous individuals improve both their appearance and self-confidence through these procedures. Dr. Slenkovich typically recommends that formerly obese patients undergo face lift surgery in conjunction with neck lift surgery as this combination treatment delivers the best possible aesthetic outcomes.

Face & Neck, Colorado Plastic Surgery

Am I A Candidate For Face / Neck Lift In Denver?

While only a personal consultation at Dr. Slenkovich’s Denver plastic surgery facility can help you decide which facial rejuvenation procedures are most suitable for you, the following characteristics describe many patients who can benefit from facelift and/or neck lift surgery:

  • Loose skin on the neck and/or lower face
  • Deep wrinkles on the neck and/or around the mouth
  • Localized, persistent fatty tissue deposits on the neck
  • Tired, lifeless facial appearance


We will be pleased to help you obtain financing for this procedure through our affiliation with companies that offer financing for cosmetic surgery.

Face & Neck, Colorado Plastic Surgery

Please explore our site for more information about the specific procedure you’re interested in, and please view our before and after photos and read about our patients’ experience in the their testimonials.

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