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We recommend a series of Peri-operative Massage Therapy treatments following each of our plastic surgical procedures to hasten our patient’s recovery process. Peri-operative Therapy is a revolutionary manual technique that reduces recovery time, alleviates pain, eliminates swelling and bruising, softens scar tissue and smoothes out lumps and bumps. We have been pleased to discover that this modified touch therapy technique also relieves post-operative depression and anxiety, increases our patient’s ability to sleep, enhances circulation and helps the body repair itself following a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Peri-operative Therapy helps to chart out the path of recovery, so that the conscious and the physical aspects of the body can heal in unison. Our therapist, Pam Peppard, educates each patient on proper ways to exercise, stretch, and be aware of postural problems associated with their surgical procedures.

I love Pam! During the massage, the stiffness of my body already started to loosen up and feel better. Amazing! She also is great at sharing knowledge and what I can do at home to continue healing.

- MC, patient.

Massage Therapy For Plastic Surgery

We recommend one-to-five treatments depending on the type of cosmetic surgery procedure you choose to undergo. In addition, many of our patients who have received Peri-operative Therapy, following their plastic surgery procedure, have chosen to continue receiving peri-operative massage therapy appointments through their recovery process to improve their healing and overall well-being. These additional follow up appointments can be booked through our patient coordinators. Peri-operative Therapy is another way we pride ourselves on taking an innovative approach to plastic surgery.

Pam is expertly trained specifically to treat plastic surgery patients. We have set aside a dedicated room especially for Peri-operative Therapy. In it you will find a comfortable massage table layered in inviting warm sheets and blankets. Relaxing music helps to set the scene for healing and relaxation.

Peri-Operative Therapy, Colorado Plastic Surgery

A Glance at Peri-Operative Therapy During Recovery

There is no question that therapeutic and lymphatic massage can be helpful in the peri-operative period. Our patients’ experience with peri-operative massage therapy has been fantastic. I definitely recommend this services for all of my cosmetic surgery patients.

- Nick Slenkovich, M.D.

At Dr. Slenkovich’s elegantly appointed, soothing south Denver cosmetic surgery facility, patients are offered a comprehensive approach to plastic surgery. Not only does the practice incorporate Peri-operative Therapy, but also skin care, nutritional and exercise recommendations to enhance results, recovery and the overall plastic surgery experience. Some of the procedures patients request more often include Juvederm and Botox injections.

Peri-Operative Therapy, Colorado Plastic Surgery

In addition, Dr. Slenkovich’s experienced team of aestheticians specializes in helping patients seeking skin care in Denver. Please contact us to learn more about these and other non-invasive cosmetic procedures offered at Colorado Plastic Surgery Center.

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