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Today’s options for breast augmentation are increasingly safe, and attainable providing women in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas with fuller, natural-looking breast contours.

Do You Wish Almost Every Day for Larger, More Beautiful or More Youthful Breasts?

Our Denver breast augmentation procedures are the most frequent surgeries Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Slenkovich performs — and the results speak for themselves. Please take the time to review our gallery of breast implant before and after photos of actual Denver breast augmentation patients. You will probably be inspired and excited to realize that you simply don’t have to be uncomfortable with your breast size or shape any more.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed on an out-patient basis in our state-licensed surgery center conveniently located in Littleton providing ease of access for Denver breast implant patients, as well as Colorado Springs. Breast augmentation recovery is fairly minimal. Women are typically back to work in less than a week. Learn more about the process and what to expect from start to finish with our Breast Augmentation Timeline.

Before & After Photos—Breast Augmentation

Breast Aug Denver
Boob Job Denver
Denver Boob Job


I had breast implants and a lift done by Dr. Slenkovich. The nursing staff was absolutely amazing. The anesthesiologist was absolutely amazing. Dr. Slenkovich was super nice and personal. He joked around like we’d known each other awhile and that made me feel very comfortable. I’m only a few days out from my procedure, but so far I’m beyond happy with my results.

Who Is A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Generally, you’re likely a great candidate for breast augmentation if you:

  • Want larger, more attractive, or more symmetrical breasts
  • Are dissatisfied with your breasts’ loss of shape or volume after pregnancy
  • Have fully-developed breasts (have reached physical maturity)
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations from the breast augmentation
  • Don’t smoke or are willing to stop smoking before the procedure to ensure a smooth recovery
  • Aren’t currently pregnant or actively nursing
  • Are close to your ideal body weight
  • Don’t have an autoimmune disorder
  • Don’t have a history of cancer or precancerous conditions
  • Have sufficient breast tissue
  • Are over 17 years of age for saline implants, or are over 21 years of age for silicone implants

During your consultation, Dr. Slenkovich will review your medical history and run various diagnostic tests to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for breast augmentation. We’ll also discuss your unique cosmetic goals to determine if augmentation with implants is the correct choice of treatment, and if so, the ideal size, style and type of implants needed to reach your goals.

Q&A With Dr. Slenkovich

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Silicone or Saline Gel Breast Implants

The two most popular options for breast enhancement are silicone gel or saline breast implants, both of which are excellent breast augmentation options and each of which has pros and cons. While you may recall an era in which silicone implants were controversial and even unsafe, that is no longer the case. In November of 2006, silicone breast implants were re-approved by the FDA and have become increasingly popular.

Breast Aug in Denver

Pros and Cons of
Saline Breast Implants


  • Smaller incisions than silicone
  • Cheaper than silicone
  • You will know if there is any leakage right away
  • The saline is easily absorbed by the body in the case of rupture


  • A less natural look then silicone
  • The feeling of the implant is less natural
  • Not recommended for women with minimal breast tissue
  • Higher probability of popping and/or deflating
  • Rapid deflation if rupture occurs

Pros and Cons of
Silicone Breast Implants


  • Stable cohesive shape
  • Will not leak/deflate
  • A more natural look/feel than saline
  • Best option for woman with minimal breast tissue


  • More costly option
  • The procedure calls fora slightly larger incision than saline
  • In the unlikely case of a rupture, the implant would not deflate like a saline implant

Silicone gel and saline breast implants are all excellent options for women considering breast enhancement with an implant, and Dr. Slenkovich performs Denver breast implants surgery using each type of implant.

Click here to learn more about saline vs silicone breast implants.

We will discuss which type of breast implant may be best for you during your Denver breast augmentation consultation. Sometimes, a breast lift, with or without breast implants, is all that’s needed to restore your former shape and contours. During your detailed consultation process, we will take the time to fully educate you about breast enhancement procedures and what you can realistically expect. Learn more about the patient experience of getting silicone breast implants in Denver from one of our patients and her journal of the process from pre-op to post-op.

Breast Augmentation Denver

Vectra 3D Imaging Choosing the Right Breast Implants

Breast Implants Denver

Breast Augmentation Procedure — Highlight Reel

Breast Augmentation FAQ

Will there be visible scarring?

In breast augmentation surgery, the incisions are placed discreetly in the breast crease. The location of the incision and subsequent scar depend on the type of implant you are receiving and what our board-certified surgeon decides is the most appropriate based on his assessment.

Will I still be able to breast feed after a breast augmentation?

Most women are still able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation, as long as the method of breast augmentation used does not interfere with the nipples or milk ducts. When a breast augmentation is combined with other procedures such as a breast lift then there is a higher potential for compromised nipple or duct function. These concerns can be discussed with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich, prior to your procedure.

Will there be any loss of sensation in my breasts after a breast augmentation?

There may be some loss of sensation, which will be especially noticeable in the nipples and the surrounding area. These areas should return to their normal sensitivity within the following few months, as the swelling reduces and your breasts heal and settle into their final shape.

Are there any risks associated with the breast augmentation procedure?

There are risks of bleeding, bruising and swelling. There are less likely risks such as infection as well as post-operative capsular contracture. These risks can be minimized by ensuring that your surgeon is board-certified, experienced, and recognized for achieving excellent outcomes. Look over our gallery to view real-world patients.

Does a breast augmentation require a drainage tube?

In some cases, breast augmentation requires a drainage tube during the procedure and sometimes it is necessary for that tube to remain in place afterwards if our surgeon feels that would be appropriate. Particularly if the augmentation is being done along with another procedure or is post-mastectomy. This will prevent large amounts of fluid from building up in the surgical site. The tube will be taken out either within the following days or weeks depending on how your recovery is going.

How do I know if I need to combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation?

If your breasts seem to be flat and loose or have lost volume to the point where your nipples are hanging below the breast crease, then a lift may be suggested alongside of the augmentation. To receive an augmentation without the lift may result in breasts looking fuller but still sagging low on the chest wall.

What are the similarities and differences between round silicone implants and gummy bear implants?

Round silicone implants and gummy bear implants are both made with a highly cohesive silicone gel which makes complications from rupture far less likely. The difference is in the shape, as the gummy bear implants are tear-drop, more closely mimicking natural breast tissue, while other implants are round.

Are gummy bear implants or round shaped implants better?

Gummy Bear implants require special manufacturing, so they tend to be more expensive, but this does not necessarily mean that they are better. They do provide a more natural shape while standing, as they mimic the contour of a real breast. That being said there is a slightly increased possibility of them shifting, which would then look unnatural. With round implants there is less concern about shifting within the breast tissue.

How often do I have to get my breast implants replaced?

People tend to think that you have to get your implants replaced within a certain time period such as 10 years, but this is not the case. If you are not having problems with your implants, then there is no need to replace them. It is recommended to have them examined by a board-certified plastic surgeon every so often to ensure that they are in good condition. Women tend to replace their implants if they want to change sizes or if they are experiencing complications.

Breast Surgery Safety

Breast surgeries are among the safest plastic surgery procedures performed because no vital organs are involved or impacted by the procedures. In addition, Dr. Slenkovich is a highly skilled breast surgeon who performs an average of 10-15 breast procedures a month. He has also written, edited and/or co-authored numerous published articles on the topic of breast surgeries; and –most importantly — is a Board Certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It’s also the most important credential to look for when researching breast surgery.

Cost of Breast Surgery

Colorado Plastic Surgery Center provides comprehensive, all-inclusive surgical quotes for all breast surgery procedures. If you are at least 30-years-old, we may require a mammogram prior to surgery. In terms of cost, there are a number of financing options available so that cost does not have to stand in the way of giving yourself something you’ve wanted for a long time.

To Learn More About Breast Augmentation

Please select from the below pages to learn more about breast augmentation:

We invite you to read our patient testimonials and learn about the various financing options available to assist with the cost of surgery.

Carefully Selecting Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon Is Absolutely Essential

Most important, Dr. Slenkovich is a skilled and caring plastic surgeon who is honest with patients and committed to patient education. You may notice that on most cosmetic surgery websites, you see only the most youthful and perfect breasts depicted in the before and after gallery. But breasts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and ages, which must be taken into consideration. This is where the principles of the breast surgeon you choose to work with come into play, about what’s realistic, what you really need for a natural look, and what you should expect for the outcome of the procedure.

You don’t want to go to someone who churns out breast augmentation with a “one size or method fits all” kind of mentality. In other words, you don’t want a physician who follows the same recipe over and over again. Dr. Slenkovich takes the time to customize each breast augmentation procedure for optimal and natural result based on your individual body shape, breast shape, and natural contour.

Dr. Slenkovich is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years in private practice. He performs hundreds of breast implant procedures every year.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Frankly, you shouldn’t even consider a surgeon who isn’t. I truly want your results to be as beautiful as possible for you.

- Nick Slenkovich, MD FACS

As one of the best breast surgeons in Denver, Dr. Slenkovich performs all breast augmentation procedures with the utmost attentiveness and dedication. This approach has helped him become renowned as a leading breast surgeon.

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Breast Augmentation Denver

To learn if breast augmentation can help you achieve the full, feminine curves you’ve always wanted, contact us today to schedule a breast augmentation consultation.

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