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Real Patient Reviews For Nick Slenkovich, MD

These comments are provided by RealSelf.com, an independent survey service. Not just anyone can go online and write a review through RealSelf. Only our actual plastic surgery patients are surveyed following their consult or procedure. Participating providers cannot choose which patients are surveyed or censor the testimonials.

Lipo 360/BBL Could Not Be Happier!!!

I can't even completely describe how happy I am that I went w/ Dr. Slenkovich and his staff at the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center! I am a little over a week out of surgery, and every member of that staff has been so kind, comforting, and all around wonderful. The recovery from the LIPO 360/BBL was more intense than I anticipated, and the level of caring and kindness from his staff really made that more bearable. I have watched the doctor's snap's and other social media procedures for about a year now (highly recommend) so I felt comfortable almost immediately. He is always educating people through his social media on all the different procedures and things he does to make sure he is using the safest methods possible. Dr. Slenkovich was incredibly kind and made me feel comfortable when I was quite anxious, he listened patiently to all of my desires for results and concerns. I also would like to note that my OR nurse, Kathy, was just the sweetest and most comforting nurse I could have hoped for. I know I was quite whiney and emotional when I came out (LOL) and she was so attentive and kind, she really made me feel like everything was going to be ok!! Pam was also awesome with the lymphatic massages and making sure I understood what I needed to be doing at home to heal as quickly as possible (she also has a great sense of humor :) Beyond that, Sam, Rebecca, Jessica, and Terrie (all the staff I came into contact with at some point) were just so nice and genuinely kind! I know this is a long review, but I think people need to know how well they will be cared for here. On top of all of this, so far I am loving my results (thought I am still in the early stages of healing), and I could not be happier!!

Beyond Impressed

I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation for enlargement for about ten years now and finally have found the financial means and life has calmed down that I had the time to do so. I googled top plastic surgeons in Denver and came across Dr. Slenkovich. I could not be happier with everything from the beginning to where I am now in the process and I am certain things will continue to go well. They were able to get me in in a quick manner, they are affordable with great quality work and all the staff are fantastic. I was quite amazed with how comfortable I was the day of surgery because the staff at the surgery center were amazing, competent and friendly. Everyone that has made a comment about my surgery have absolutely been amazed by the results, and I have recommended them already to everyone who has been interested. I am beyond satisfied as well as my partner. :)

Love my Cellfina Results!

I was hesitant at first from reading reviews on here and how some weren’t satisfied, but I’m so happy I went through with it. Everything was easy from the consult, pictures and most of all the procedure. I felt a few pinches and burns here and there but it was the easiest procedure I’ve had done and recovered from so far. I didn’t get major bruising until about day 4 and it lasted for about 2 weeks, but now that the bruising is gone I am thrilled to see how smooth my butt looks. I am 3 weeks in now and I do have discoloration and a little scarring from the insertion areas, but with aquaphor and silicone I’m sure they will be gone soon. Dr. Slenkovich and his staff were so nice and accommodating. I would definitely recommend getting Cellfina done, you just have to go into the procedure with realistic expectations. If you have dimples you are wanting to get rid of and have a smoother appearance this is perfect!

Outstanding Doctor and Facility

Words cannot even describe how amazed I am at my results with Dr. Slenkovich. I had a LBL, BBL, BA/BL and TT (lip0 360) and I am so thankful to Dr. S and his staff for the top notch care I received and the results. His surgeries are comprehensive and he looks at the best way to approach and care for your body before and after.

- kileyjo1027

What an incredible procedure!!!

I went to the Colorado Plastic Surgery center to get the ThermiVa and O-Shot procedures performed. Jessica Lundgren, my nurse, took amazing care of me and made me feel so comfortable during what can be labeled as an intimate procedure!! The procedure itself was painless and the recovery was non existent!! Heck she told me to go home and try it out!! I have had trouble with incontinence after...

- JessAnn13

Dr. Slenkovich and his staff were amazing and very accommodating.

Dr. Slenkovich and his staff (especially Terrie, Rebecca, Hailey, and Jessica) were very thorough, really easy to talk with, too great care of me, and listened well for what I wanted. They provided three lymphatic massages from their awesome therapist Pam that is included in the cost, which is super helpful. Dr. Slenkovich also does 360 liposuction as part of the tummy tuck and I think this...

- jenski119

Amazing experience

Dr. Slenkovich was my first and last consultation! Nick was very attentive to my concerns and seemed very genuine and passionate about my own personal procedure. He was very realistic about what to expect. He is kind, caring, professional and always very thorough. I decide to move forward with Dr. Slenkovich because he gave me the impression that he was very passionate about his practice, as...

- TheGirl25

Mommy Makeover tomorrow!

Dr. Slenkovich and his entire staff are outstanding. They are warm, compassionate, knowledgeable, and very responsive. I have a specific medical condition that needed to be taken into consideration for this surgery to happen, and I knew that I needed to feel confident in my surgeon and their staff in the management of this issue during and after surgery. After discussing my situation with them, I felt confident in their care and that gave me the peace of mind to pursue this transformation that I deeply wanted. I can't say enough good things about each and every person at this office that helped me with my transformation.

Great Dr. and Staff

I had two surgical procedures carried out by Dr. Slencovich ~1.5 years ago, an otoplasty to pin back my ears and a chest reduction via liposuction. Since that time, Dr. Nick and the CPSC staff have been nothing but warm, affectionate and caring towards me. They respond to emails or phone calls almost immediately, and I can tell that they all feel genuinely invested in my journey and overall...

- BrianGreen

Thank you!

Amazing! I was very nervous at first about having surgery, but Dr Slenkovich and his staff were so thorough and knowledgeable I had full confidence the day of surgery. All went well and I am so happy with the results

- kvandiver

My life has changed

I wanted to improve my body because I was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I chose Dr. Nick Slenkovich because both he and his team treated me like family from the very beginning. I felt like I was in great hands. My experience with the CPSC team was amazing and I could not have chosen a better group of people to help me through my transformation. I could not be happier with my results so...

- lindberg69

39 Years Old,4 Kids - Denver, CO

Dr. Slenkovich is very patient,understanding and honestly cares aboue making sure that your needs are met. From the 1st visit he was very attentive to my concerns and addressed all my questions in regards of what I was wanting. Which in this case was a tummy tuck. I really enjoyed that he makes you feel comfortable and listens to your concerns.

- Yesi1980

Everyone is affected by certain events or individuals that greatly change their life. Personally, becoming a patient at Dr. Slenkovich's has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience. As I walked into Dr. Slenkovich's office, I had no idea on what I was going to expect. I spoke to the lovely Ms.Sierrah over the phone before coming into the office and oh my gosh, there are no words to...

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