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Our Denver breast reduction surgery is intended to give you a more attractive breast contour and smaller size to enhance your self-image. Breast reduction is also designed to alleviate health problems associated with excessively large breasts.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

If you have large, heavy breasts and they are causing breathing difficulties, back, shoulder and neck pain, poor posture, bra-strap indentation, and under-breast chafing, you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery.

You may also be a candidate for breast reduction in Denver if excessive breast size is decreasing your sense of attractiveness and self-confidence, or if your large breasts are interfering with exercise and daily activities. Many women choose to have a breast reduction because they feel uncomfortable with the size of their large breasts or have experienced significant sagging as a result of the size of their breasts.

Why Get a Breast Reduction?

Our patients come to us for various reasons, and may have any of the following health or aesthetic issues:

  • Overlarge breasts
  • Heavy, uncomfortable breasts
  • Back and neck pain related to breast size and weight
  • Rash and irritation beneath the breasts
  • Deep grooves in shoulders from bra straps
  • Inability to engage in sports and other vigorous activities due to overlarge breasts
  • Inability to wear normal sizes in clothing
  • Diet and exercise does not reduce breast size
  • Constant unwanted attention due to breast size
Breast Reduction Denver

Get Relief from Pain with Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women experience back and neck pain due to an excess of breast tissue. The weight of the breasts puts strain on the back and neck muscles. Imagine being free of the ongoing pain and discomfort – our Denver breast reduction surgery makes it possible. Not only will your figure be balanced, but the weight of the breast tissue will be far lighter. Based upon the breast size you want, you will now be able to wear normal bra sizes – a distinct improvement in quality of life.

How Is the Breast Reduction Procedure Performed?

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia in our state licensed surgery center adjacent to Dr. Slenkovich’s clinical practice. The nipples along with the pigmented areas around the nipples are moved upward, and excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed.

Faq Breast Reduction

Will There be an Obvious Scar?

During the breast surgery, Dr. Slenkovich performs an anchor scar technique for the majority of Denver breast reduction patients. Dr. Slenkovich is very mindful in helping patients to reach their goals with the least amount of visible scarring possible.

What Is Recovery Like?

After breast reduction surgery, the patient goes home with a bra or dressing that holds the breasts symmetrically during the initial healing period. Initial discomfort subsides daily and is controlled with oral medication. Light activities may be started in 7-10 days following your breast reduction. Scars typically fade over the course of the first 6-12 months.

Is Insurance Available for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction Surgery may occasionally be covered by insurance; however, each insurance company differs and may require a minimum removal of tissue from each breast to qualify, documentation of health problems as a result of having large breasts, or additional factors. At this time Colorado Plastic Surgery Center is not accepting new insurance patients. If you are considering a breast reduction and would like to try for reimbursement for your procedure, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary medical codes for self-submission.

Financing Breast Reduction

We will be pleased to help you obtain financing for this procedure. We are affiliated with companies that offer financing for cosmetic surgery.

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Credentials and Experience

Dr. Slenkovich has important credentials and experience for breast reduction surgery. He has also written or edited a number of medical articles on breast reduction and the various techniques suitable for different people.

Breast Reduction Denver

If you are considering breast reduction surgery in the metro Denver area, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with our breast surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich.

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