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The dimples and irregularities created by cellulite are unsightly and embarrassing. Even if you are at a healthy weight, cellulite bumps remain on your thighs and buttocks, lowering your self-esteem. You may feel that certain clothing styles or swimming suits are unflattering or accentuate the “cottage cheese” look of cellulite. Some cellulite treatments are invasive or require painful ways to smooth the skin, and others offer only temporary results and must be repeated on a regular basis.

However, Cellfina is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatment that addresses the cause of cellulite, with results that last far longer. The experienced professionals at the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center can help you achieve smoother skin with our Cellfina in Denver.

Find Out if Cellfina is Right for You.

Cellulite is more common in women than men, regardless of size or fitness levels. Fibrous bands called “septae” form under the skin, pulling the skin downwards, connecting it to the muscle structure beneath, leaving dimples or an uneven texture visible on the skin surface. Cellulite is a genetic issue, and your family history often dictates how your skin will attach to the underlying muscle tissue. Other treatments for cellulite have brought mixed success, but FDA-approved Cellfina uses proprietary technology to fight the cause of cellulite, for a long-lasting smoother appearance.

You may be a good candidate for a Cellfina treatment if:

  • Have dimples from cellulite on your thighs or buttocks
  • Suffer from embarrassment and lower self-esteem due to cellulite dimples
  • Are unable to wear certain clothing to avoid revealing cellulite
  • Be within 10 pounds of your normal body weight

Cellulite treatment works best on those who are not significantly overweight, as excess fat beneath the skin can reduce the effectiveness of Cellfina. Our knowledgeable, professional staff will help you determine if a Cellfina treatment is right for you.

How Cellfina Works

Cellulite treatment with Cellfina is a fast and relatively painless process. During the procedure, our Dr. Nick can treat approximately twenty to thirty dimples. The dimples are marked, and you may be given an anesthetic at the injection site to make you more comfortable. A specially-designed device containing a small needle is inserted near the dimple, and is used to cut the septae that are producing the uneven skin texture. This process is repeated for each dimple in the treatment area. The entire procedure takes approximately one hour, and patients typically experience only mild discomfort.

Cellfina Denver

Cellfina works by treating the fibrous bands under the skin, the root cause of cellulite. This increases the treatment’s effectiveness, and patients reported high rates of satisfaction in clinical trials. No other incisions or fillers are needed, and the tiny needle used for treatment is so thin that you won’t have to worry about the risk of scarring. You will be able to return home the same day, and little to no downtime is required for recovery.

What to Expect After Treatment

After your cellulite treatment, you will be able to resume your normal activities within one to three days. Side effects are mild, and any soreness you may experience can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. You will begin to see the results of the procedure in days, but the skin’s appearance will continue to improve during the next few months. While other forms of cellulite treatment must be repeated on a regular basis, every month in some cases, the results of Cellfina have been found to last for a minimum of three years. This is the longest FDA clearance for any cellulite treatment. Cellfina has some of the highest satisfaction rates from patients, and we are well-versed in the technology and techniques in this highly-effective, advanced cellulite treatment.

Cellulite Treatment in Littleton, Colorado

Located in Denver, Colorado Plastic Surgery Center is well-known for a focus on patient care, and attention to detail. Dr. Nick Slenkovich is a double board-certified surgeon with years of experience that have given him an uncommon level of skill in treating cosmetic flaws – including cellulite – and who is personally committed to providing the most positive patient experience. We focus on producing natural-looking results to enhance your figure, and restore confidence in your body image. If you are self-conscious about cellulite on your thighs or buttocks, schedule a consultation with us to find out if this treatment can help you regain a smoother, more attractive look. Dr. Slenkovich and his staff have years of experience in cosmetic procedures, whether they are surgical or non-surgical, and perform some of the best results in Cellfina Denver has to offer.

I was hesitant at first from reading reviews on here and how some weren't satisfied, but I'm so happy I went through with it. Everything was easy from the consult, pictures and most of all the procedure. I felt a few pinches and burns here and there but was (it) the easiest procedure I've had done and recovered from so far. I didn't get major bruising until about day 4 and it last for about 2 weeks, but now that the bruising is gone I am thrilled to see how smooth my butt looks. I am 3 weeks in now and I do have discoloration and a little scarring from the insertion areas, but with aquaphor and silicone I'm sure they will be gone soon. Dr Slenkovich and his staff were so nice and accommodating. I would definitely recommend getting Cellfina done, you just have to go into procedure with realistic expectations. If you have dimples you are wanting to get rid of and have a smoother appearance this is perfect!

Cellfina Denver

If you are considering cosmetic surgery to improve your physical appearance and self image, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich.

Dedicated to your comfort from your first visit to your final follow-up, the surgeon and staff of Colorado Plastic Surgery Center will always treat you with kindness and caring.

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